The Household and the War for the Cosmos: Rediscovering a Christian Vision for the Family – C.R. Wiley

The household is under attack. It has been for some time now. What can we do about it? C.R. Wiley gives us a big picture look into what has happened and why the household is so crucial, indeed cosmic in importance!

Wiley sets the stage by showing how households were once the center of life a couple centuries ago. Fathers worked from home. Wives and children helped. All things flowed from the household and the character formed here is what made a person. We have lost this in our day. We also see in the book how we have lost the values of piety, and Wiley uses characters from Greek literature and the Old Testament to help define this needed quality. The rest of the book connects the household with the spiritual war that is going on over the cosmos, and how being a steward of the house and valuing this treasure is as big and far reaching as the cosmos itself.

What is so wonderful about this small book is that it shows how nothing is mundane. How we live our lives has far reaching affects and is intrinsically a part of God’s overall plan and trajectory for the world. This is a massive topic, but in just 120 pages, this book is so helpful in starting the conversation and laying the foundation for why we need to value the household.

This is indeed a big picture book. If you are looking for day-to-day hands on advice and guidance, this is not the book. This does not mean it is not practical. It is practical in that it is foundational for practice. A book like this strongly encourages and motivates one to practice family well, knowing that the household is a picture of what is to come, and was designed by God Himself.

If you are a husband, wife, child, grandparent, sibling, a part of a family in any way, this is a great read for you. We need this kind of family vision to set us on the right track. Grab this book today from Canon Press!

*This book was graciously provided by Canon Press in exchange for an honest review.*

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