Psalms For You – Christopher Ash

The Psalms have been and will always be a rich source of encouragement and hope for Christians. Psalms For You has been such a great resource to have when reading through the Psalms. It is not a verse by verse commentary of every Psalm, but it does take a look at many crucial ones across all of the genres that we find there. If you are looking for a companion for devotional reading or just wanting to dig deeper into God’s Word, this book is for you!

In fact, all of the God’s Word For You series seeks to provide Bible-centered, Christ-glorifying, relevant and easy to read resources to aid in Bible study, learning and teaching. This specific book on the Psalms sets out to do just that, and asks three things regarding each Psalm covered: 1) Who is speaking? 2)What did the Psalm mean in old-covenant times? and 3) What did it mean for Jesus and now for us in Christ? Each of the 16 chapters covers two to three Psalms, and ends with questions for reflection.

The Psalms form within us a richer palette of rightly-directed emotions. It is not so much that the Psalms resonate with us as that they shape us so that we most deeply resonate with the God-given yearnings they so movingly express.

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What sets this book apart is how the author makes clear how relevant the text is to us while also digging into the historical and cultural context of the day and asking why the Psalm was sung in the first place. Many of the Psalms were written by King David, but also point forward to David’s greater Son, Jesus our true and everlasting King! This book can help you understand God and His purposes in the Psalms and how they relate to Jesus.

This series is really for everyone! There are no heavy details that will bog down a devotional reader, yet enough weight to intrigue pastors and students wanting more of God’s Word. If you want to know more about the Psalms, grab a copy of this book today!

*This book was graciously provided by The Good Book Company in exchange for an honest review.

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