The Way of Life: Christian Belief and Experience – Charles Hodge

Christianity is vital. It is living and breathing, drawing life and experience from God as its source. It consists of real people that are changed and living lives that reflect that change by the Spirit of God and faith in the gospel of Christ.

This volume by the distinguished American presbyterian theologian Charles Hodge is a short piece that packs a punch in unwrapping the truth and necessity of a holy and obedient life for the Christian. It is a primer for the serious-minded believer wanting to understand the connection between right doctrine and holy living. What are the essentials of Christian belief? How does this change our way of life? This book is a great tool to help answer these questions.

Topics such as Scripture as the inspired word of God, sin, redemption, justification, faith, and repentance are expounded and emphasized as crucial and foundational for Christian faith and practice. What set this book apart for me was how Hodge spoke of these truths and exhorted others to take them seriously. Not as an interesting doctrine for intellectual stimulation, but as real truths that require real life obedience, trust, and worship. I’ve grown in my understanding of God and reverence for Him and his plan of redemption and salvation for His people by reading this book.

It is a short book, and as with all Banner of Truth publications, is made with unique quality and care. Whether you are a fan of Hodge or not, this is a great volume to have and to share with others wanting to dig deeper into the Christian faith.

*This book was graciously provided by Banner of Truth in exchange for an honest review.

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