Nehemiah: A Pastoral & Exegetical Commentary – T.J. Betts

Let’s be honest, the book of Nehemiah is usually not on the priority list for books of the Bible. It seems to get lost in the forest of the Pentateuch and the Prophets and larger historical books of the Old Testament. But this commentary by T. J. Betts is a perfect companion to a refreshing study in the book of Nehemiah and strongly focuses on the importance of this book for the life of the church today.

Most commentaries are either strongly devotional, with little emphasis on the technical issues within a given passage, or they are more on the technical end of the spectrum and the devotional, practical side is lacking. This pastoral and exegetical commentary on Nehemiah does a great job emphasizing both, while tending to draw out more of the devotional side of the biblical book. And this is one of the reasons why I LOVE this commentary.

Nehemiah is known for its lists of names and difficult passages to read through. But Betts does such an awesome job in showing how crucial this book and its message was, not only for Israel in the Old Testament, but also for us today as God’s people, the Church.

The book goes passage by passage and each chapter takes one of these passages and breaks it down for the reader to get a better grasp of the book. Each chapter begins with an introduction to the passage at hand. There is also discussion on the structure and outline of each passage along with a summary. The bulk of the work is a development of the exposition of the book of Nehemiah which involves Betts walking through the passages, helping the reader to both understand what the book says and apply the book to our lives now.

The length and depth of the commentary serves well for anyone, whether you are just diving into the book for the first time or a well-versed student, wanting to study deeper into the book of Nehemiah. This is the only commentary that I’ve read on Nehemiah and it’s very accessible. I highly recommend this one to anyone wanting to know God’s Word more and wanting to practice the art of applying God’s Word to your life.

*This book was graciously provided by Lexham Press in exchange for an honest review.

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