The Spirit of Holiness: Reflections on Biblical Spirituality – Terry Delaney and Roger D. Duke

The Christian life is all about God working in and through His people for His glory. What this looks like practically in the life of a believer can be called biblical spirituality. The Spirit of Holiness is one of those books that really does a great job in taking a deeper look at biblical spirituality.

By deeper look I mean by going back to the past and examining how our forefathers in the faith viewed various spiritual disciplines and the importance of holiness in the life of the Christian, as well as, and most importantly, what the Bible and theology says about living a holy life for the Lord. This book is full of collected reflections on just this and gives us a wide variety of thoughts on the practicalities of the Christian life.

There is a focus on the Puritans, such as Thomas Manton, and their views on the trinity and the practice of meditation. We get a glimpse into the theology of Jonathan Edwards and Spurgeon’s struggle with depression. We also hear from more contemporary voices such as Al Mohler and Steve Lawson. 

What I appreciate most about this book is the scope and the purpose that it accomplishes. In tribute to Donald Whitney and his focus and desire for the spiritual life and spiritual disciplines, this book unabashedly holds to the foundations of our faith as also the foundations of our growth and spiritual development. I also learned quite a bit about different theologians and pastors from the past and their thoughts on what is crucial for a thriving spiritual life lived in dependence on God.

Honestly, it was a great devotional work for me as well. The enthusiasm and vigor that the authors of these reflections showed in their desire to live for and serve the Lord in theirs and others spiritual disciplines was invigorating for me. I left reading the book wanting to live more passionately for the Lord and to pursue the spiritual disciplines and a holy life. For this reason, I highly recommend this to anyone, especially if you are familiar with the Puritans and their thought. I think you’ll get new insight to their thinking while also seeing how it applies to us and how the Bible gives us the basis for living the spiritual life.

Grab a copy today! You won’t regret reading this one.

*This book was graciously provided by Lexham Press in exchange for an honest review.

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