Dual Citizens: Politics and American Evangelicalism – edited by Timothy D. Padgett

The relationship between biblical Christianity and politics has been a heated topic of debate since…forever! The various views in regard to this relationship are so numerous its almost impossible to wade through them all. But one thing is key that we understand, and that is that we are to live in this world in a way that brings glory to God and love to our neighbors.

This book gives us a collection of articles from Christianity Today between 1956 and 2016. These articles focus on the relationship that evangelicals have had with politics and political issues. The book is split up into five chapters on five different topics, such as U.S. Presidents, the religious right and evangelical left, foreign policy, domestic affairs, and the value of God and worship in the nation. Each of the articles reveal the evangelical climate and thought during that time on each of these topics.

One of the most significant aspects of the book is the broad spectrum of values and views, even among evangelicals, that is represented. It serves as a commentary on Christian political thought in US history in the past sixty years, and oftentimes this can surprise us. Many views presented you may disagree with, but they all focus on how Christians can and should live rightly within our very political world.

If this is of any interest to you, especially during this specific time in our history, this will be a very beneficial read. Each article is relatively short, which makes reading one a day in just a few minutes very easy. I loved being able to get a glimpse into the evangelical thought of my parents and grandparents’ generation. History is valuable and this collection preserves the wisdom of those that have gone before us to aid in our thinking and decision making today.

I highly recommend this collection. Again, if you are at all interested in politics, or at least how Christians should respond and interact with the world in which we live, please check it out. It’ll be worth your time!

* This book was graciously provided by Lexham Press in exchange for an honest review.

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