“Here Are Your Gods”: Faithful Discipleship in Idolatrous Times – Christopher J. H. Wright

“Here Are Your Gods.”

These are the words that the Israelites spoke after the fashioning of the golden calf in the book of Exodus. There was massive confusion and syncretism between Israel’s God and the gods they made with their hands. But what about today? What is it that we worship? Do we still make idols with our own hands? In this hard-hitting book, Wright makes us aware that these issues are still largely apart of our world today.

“Here Are Your Gods” takes the topic of idolatry and analyzes our truly idolatrous times, whether it is in the cultural and political realm, or simply the brokenness of our hearts in desiring more than God Himself. There are three parts:

The first part asks and answers the question: What/who were the gods in the Bible? How should we discern their nature and how were they viewed/worshipped? The second part addresses idolatry in the political arena and how God dealt with and was involved in the political life of his people in the Old Testament. Lastly, Wright spurs us on to live as people shaped by the living God and to follow Jesus in difficult and idolatrous times. It’s not an easy task, but we must be faithful.

I said that this book was hard-hitting, and I mean this because of its convicting nature. It made me aware of the areas where I easily fall into idolatry in my own life. It’s a book that shines a light ahead of you to see and discern which direction your heart and mind are heading, to obedience and loyalty to God or something else.

One of the main highlights was the discussion of missions in relation to God and idols. All throughout the Bible God is seeking out the nations, and this means that idols and wrong-thinking must be confronted, all with the intention of love, mercy, and grace. God is a jealous God and his conflict with our idolatry and the gods we’ve made is for our good. This theme is very well laid out in this book and one of the most exciting parts of the book.

You will not be disappointed taking the time to read this one. It is so timely and I believe God will use it to direct His people away from the idols we’ve formed back to Himself.

*This book was graciously provided by IVPress in exchange for an honest review.

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