The Cross in Four Words: Freedom, Forgiveness, Justice, and Purpose – DeYoung, Coekin, and Christos-Wahab

“Jesus died on the cross to save us.”

This statement is the heart of Christianity and the foundation for the Christian life, walk and hope. Yet we still neglect the importance of what the cross means to us as believers in practical life. This great little book gives us four “words” that are a part of experiencing the gospel and the truth of the cross: Freedom, Forgiveness, Justice, and Purpose.

The book is simple, and takes four short chapters to look at each of these words related to the cross of Jesus Christ. All of these words, especially freedom, justice, and purpose, are buzz words in our culture these days, but most people don’t grasp what they fully mean and how God has provided these things through the cross. Here we have a book that clarifies the true meaning of these words from a Christian perspective, showing how God has freed us from slavery to sin, forgiven and restored us back to him, justified us in his sight, and has called us with a missional purpose.

We really need clarity on what the gospel is all about and what God has purchased for us on the cross through His own Son. This is why I think this book is so important. People need to realize true freedom, true justice, true forgiveness, and a true purpose in life that is grounded in what God has accomplished for us. This book will give you a better grasp on these things and draw you closer to the cross, clinging more to Jesus our one and true Savior.

*This book was graciously provided by TheGoodBook Company in exchange for an honest review.

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