Who is God?: Key Moments of Biblical Revelation – Richard Bauckham

The question “Who is God?” is a massive question! How difficult it seems to even begin to answer it. Thankfully, we have God’s Word that reveals who He is to us. In the pages of this small book, we find a guide through some of the most revelatory passages in the Bible, where God has revealed His nature and character to us so that we can better understand Him.

Bauckham walks us through four major passages that serve as key moments of revelation in the Bible. These four passages include Jacob’s dream in Genesis 28 where we see God’s divine presence with us, Moses’ burning bush experience where God reveals His divine name, the great revelation of God’s character at Mt. Sinai in Exodus, and finally three different passages in the gospel of Mark that reveal God’s trinitarian nature. All of these moments, though often read and studied quickly as simple stories, widen our view to the greatness and majesty of God.

Asked what the whole Bible is about, I would say it is most centrally about the identity of God, while at the same time it tells the story of God and his creation, that all-encompassing story that extends from creation in the beginning to new creation at the end. Intensively the Bible is about the identity of God; extensively it tells the story of God and the world.

Bauckham, page 2

What I love about this book is how God-centered and God-focused every page is. Some of these passages are hard to interpret and read through, but Bauckham gently points us in the direction of God and who He is as the primary focus. It also really helps us get a grasp on not only the majestic nature of God (and often times mysterious), but also the personal presence and relationship that God desires between Himself and His people. What a beautiful truth!

One other characteristic of this book is that it is easy to understand. Bauckham is a deep biblical scholar, yet he writes on a level for all to understand and confidently see how God reveals Himself so plainly in His Word. This could be one of the most important books you read this year!

You will come away from this read wanting to dig more into God’s Word for yourself. I highly recommend it. Let it whet your appetite for God’s own revealed Word, where we come to feast and fellowship with God Himself.

*This book was graciously provided by Baker Academic in exchange for an honest review.

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