Reenchanting Humanity: A Theology of Mankind – Owen Strachan

Do we know ourselves? Is it really crucial to know ourselves? This theology of man by Owen Strachan sets us on a trajectory to answer the first question, and strongly defends the importance of the second. As God’s special creation, we are His image-bearers. Being human is far greater than we often imagine, especially compared to the prevailing views of the world.

Strachan covers a lot of ground here, first looking at what is means to be the image of God. The world has “disenchanted” humanity in a number of ways, totally undermining God’s design. This book sets out to “reenchant” humanity by showing the weight and depth of what it means to be God’s image-bearers. Of course, any theology of man looks at depravity and the fall, and how this truth has changed things for us. Other chapters focus on man’s purpose and relations in topics such as work, technology, sexuality, race and ethnicity, justice, and contingency. The final chapter looks at Jesus Christ as the ultimate Man, the Second Adam. In Him is where we see the majesty and wonder of man.

We are stamped by God, and no one can scratch out the seal of God’s making. Genesis 1 tells us why we were made, who made us, and what marks us out among all the living creatures.

Strachan, Page 21

This is a very important book! We live in a time with hundreds of ideologies and patterns of living that seek (even unintentionally) to overthrow God’s design for man. Whether it comes to transgenderism, homosexuality, race relations, or issues of life, our world is consistently looking away from God and the truth of Scripture for direction and answers. This book sets us on the right path. Our thinking affects our attitude which affects our actions, so we need to think correctly about mankind and what our purpose is in order to live God-honoring lives.

I can’t stress enough how great this book is! Reading it was like being on a treasure hunt with treasure at every corner. It is God-exalting all throughout, giving us a solid vision of what humanity is all about in relation to our holy and majestic God that graciously created us in His image to worship Him and fellowship with Him. If you are looking for some good theology that is extremely practical for our day, not to mention an easy read, this is it!

*This book was graciously provided by Mentor Books in exchange for an honest review.

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