Worldviews and the Problem of Evil: A Comparative Approach – Ronnie P. Campbell, Jr.

One of the main objections that atheists and others have against Christianity is the fact that evil exists. How can this be reconciled with Christianity, and the nature and character of God? In this unique book, Campbell takes us on a journey by comparing how differing worldviews handle the problem of evil, and shows how theism, specifically Christian theism, holds the most satisfying answers for this problem.

Four chapters focus on four different worldviews: Naturalism, Pantheism, Panentheism, and Theism. He defines each of these worldviews and argues how each understands life, consciousness, good, evil and moral responsibility. As Campbell reasons, the purpose of this comparative approach “is to show that, if Christian theism explains evil as well as or better than its metaphysical rivals, then there is no reason to reject Christian theism outright because of evil in the world.” (page xii)

The final three chapters further defend Christian theism, showing how God is a God who loves His creation, a God who acts in the world, and a God who ultimately defeats evil. The discussion in these chapters was the highlight of the book for me. The issues of time, prayer, God’s passibility/impassibility, and the relationship of the Trinity are all given thought as they relate to God’s relationship to creation and the reality of good and evil in creation.

If the issue of evil is one that you struggle with, this is definitely a good resource to have. The world is becoming more diverse, and all beliefs have some answer or another for why evil exists. This book will really help you better understand what other worldviews believe on this topic, and be better prepared to have fruitful discussions in this area.

This will always be a key issue for those that are opposed to Christianity, but thankfully there are so many resources out there to help us understand this better, and Campbell has done well to add to the list.

*This book was graciously provided by Lexham Press in exchange for an honest review.

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