Who God Is: Meditations on the Character of our God – Ben Witherington III

John Calvin said that our wisdom consists of two parts: the knowledge of God and of ourselves. Our journey in knowing more about God and more importantly, knowing God more personally, will be endless. In this short but thoughtful book, Ben Witherington III invites us to meditate on the character of God by looking at the nouns that define God’s nature in Scripture, guiding us a little further in our pursuit of knowing our wonderful and amazing God.

He walks through five things the Scriptures state that God is: Love, Light, Life, Spirit, and One/Unique. It is packed full of biblically rich insights, showing how it is much different to say that God is a loving God than it is to say that God IS Love, or God IS Light, etc. At just over 100 pages, this book can be read through in one sitting, but it ought to be read slowly and carefully. Do not let its size fool you.

Witherington is known for many New Testament academic works, but this book is more devotional in scope, drawing the reader into the nature and character of God in a way that inspires worship and obedience. One of its main themes is how God’s nature and character rubs off on us, His children, and how this changes the way we live in the world. Not that we “become” God, but that we become more like Him, being conformed to the image of Christ by the power and working of God Himself.

Pick up this book today! You won’t regret having this short and insightful resource on your shelves.

*This book was graciously provided by Lexham Press in exchange for an honest review.

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