Jesus Heals: An Anatomy Primer and Holy Week: An Emotions Primer – Danielle Hitches

Jesus Heals

The most precious thing you can give your kids is Jesus, and the awareness of His love and care for them. Jesus lived this out in His life and ministry in how He healed the sins and wounds of the people around Him. Jesus Heals gives our little ones a peak into the truth that Jesus does heal, pointing to the ultimate healing of our sins and brokenness in His death on the cross. As an anatomy primer, it walks through several parts of the body (head, mouth, legs, back, etc.), looking at brief Scriptures where Jesus healed each of these body parts.

It is no secret that our children have short attention spans, and this book presents truths that are short and straight to the point. The pictures have really drawn our kids into the story, helping them to ask questions about what happened and how Jesus healed them. Of course, this gives us plenty of avenues to talk the ultimate healing that everyone needs: Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice for our sins on the cross.

Holy Week

Again, this Primer is just great for kids, especially as they begin to wrestle with their emotions and try to understand why they feel the way that they feel. Holy Week walks through several emotions that all children face at some time or another (excitement, frustration, being scared, joyful, etc.) by showing how Jesus and others in the Gospels (specifically during the week leading up to Easter) expressed these emotions during such a roller-coaster time for Jesus’ ministry. This book is a great reminder that God created us with emotions, and Jesus experienced all of these Himself.

One of the coolest things about these books are their simplicity. They present simple emotions that our children can understand and relate to, showing how Jesus has redeemed them in His ministry and for His glory. Whether you have a toddler, or child a little older that can read, they will all be drawn into these books and see the emotions colorfully illustrated.

These books will surely give you and your kids special moments of talking and thinking about Jesus and how he has created us as His image bearers. Pick one or both up today at Harvest House Publishers!

**These books were graciously provided by Harvest House for an honest review.**

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