The Dad Difference: The 4 Most Important Gifts You Can Give To Your Kids – Bryan Loritts

There are so many things that, as parents, we must choose to give our kids. What is most important? What will make the most impact? How do we live lives as dads that are pleasing to God and most beneficial for our children? As a dad, this was a very fun yet convicting read. Loritts uses his experience with his own dad, faults and all, showing how he chose to raise him in a godly way, and the affect that this has had on his life.

Loritts states early on in the book: “The Bible casts a compelling vision for us parents with our children. Children are given to us to live out the purposes of God in their generation for the glory of God and the good of humanity (see Deut. 6:4-9; Ps. 78:5-8; Acts 13:36). So that work becomes a platform to advance God’s good purposes during our specific moment in history.”

The argument of the book is that we must give our kids 4 gifts: Relationship, Integrity, Teaching, and Experience. Loritts, using the acronym, calls this our choice to parentRITE. He walks through each of these “gifts,” showing how they are crucial for our children to grow into healthy, mature, and faithful adults.

This is a short read, full of inspiring stories that also sting with conviction for us dads who are struggling through this calling called parenting! If you are looking for guidance in how to raise your kids on a God glorifying way, this book will be of much help. There are not guarantees in parenting, but we do know that God is faithful and we, as dads, have the choice to live faithful lives towards God and towards our families, lives full of relationship, integrity, teaching, and experience.

Read & Repeat

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