The Lord’s Supper: Answers to Common Questions – Keith Mathison

All Christians would agree that the Lord’s Supper is a significant part of the life of the Church. But do we really understand this sacrament and why we do it?

Mathison states that “there are many Christians sitting in the pews of churches across this nation and around the world for whom the Lord’s Supper has become part of the Christian routine. They partake faithfully, and they think about Jesus while they are partaking, but they do not really understand everything that is going on during the observance of the sacrament.”

If this describes your normal experience with the Lord’s Supper, this is the book for you! Mathison provides us with a very succinct exploration into the Protestant practice of the Lord’s Supper using several common questions that people normally ask, like what even is the Lord’s Supper? What are the different views? How often should we partake? What are the elements of the Supper? How should we prepare to take it? And what about children partaking? He also digs into several of the passages in the Gospels and Paul’s epistles regarding this practice.

What I love about this book is its short length and simply layout. It’s basically a Q & A on the Lord’s Supper and it can easily be read in an afternoon. When new thoughts or questions come to mind, it is easy to pick this volume up to be refreshed on the purpose behind the Supper. If read carefully, it will change how you think about and practice the Lord’s Supper in your experience with the body of Christ.

Mathison goes on to say, “When we begin to understand what the Lord’s Supper is and what it means, when we begin to understand what God is doing and what we are doing in this sacrament, it is no longer a tedious extra fifteen minutes to endure. Instead, it is a source of great blessing, something we look forward to with anticipation.”

Read & Repeat

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