To Seek and to Save: Daily Reflections on the Road to the Cross – Sinclair Ferguson

The road to the cross for Jesus has been laid out by Luke in his Gospel, specifically in what is called his “Travelogue,” found in Luke 9:51-19:28 (not counting His time in Jerusalem). It was a time where Jesus had officially set his trajectory towards the cross, the very purpose for his ministry and incarnation. We see a lot of unique parables, vivid characters, and narratives in this section of Scripture that are not found anywhere else in the Gospels. Sinclair Ferguson allows us to journey with Jesus on His final path to Jerusalem, giving us daily reflections for the 6 weeks leading up to Easter, that we all know as Lent.

Whether you observe Lent or not, this small book is packed full of wonderful, sobering, and reflective truth about Jesus’ ministry and His focus on seeking and saving the lost. If you do observe Lent, this will make this season that much more thoughtful as you spend time each day learning more about Jesus’ ministry and his sacrifice for us on the cross.

Ferguson says, “The key issues for all of those who encounter Jesus in Luke’s Gospel are these: Do they know why he is on the road in the first place? And, will they follow him as his disciple? This Lent, Jesus asks those same questions of us.” (p. 9)

The book begins on Ash Wednesday and gives short, daily reflections all the way to Easter Sunday. For each day there is a “reflect” paragraph that usually poses a question to the reader, where the reality of Jesus meets our daily lives. There is also a lined section for each day, where you can write in and respond to these questions as you reflect on Jesus in the Gospel of Luke.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through this short little book. It has changed my perspective on the depth and seriousness of Christ’s death and burial, when Christ gave up all to seek and to save the lost, and his resurrection by which we now have new life! We can never learn enough or grow close enough to our Savior. Prepare to be challenged and stirred in your relationship with Jesus. Grab a copy today from Good Book Company USA!

**Thanks to Good Book Company USA for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review.**

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