ManuScripts: The Gospels

There is something beautiful about being able to read God’s Word as it was originally written, without the distraction of verse numbers and breaks. We have Reader’s Bibles in abundance now that really help to nurture a new Bible reading experience, but I have never seen anything like Manuscripts Books’ set of the Gospels!

This set comes with 4 separate books, one for each Gospel (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John).

The physical size of this set is one of its biggest pros, in my opinion. At 3.75″ x 5.5″, each book is just perfect for carrying with you basically anywhere you go. They fit nice and snug in your pant or coat pocket without “feeling” like you’re carrying anything extra. I’ve walked around for a bit with a copy in my back pocket very comfortably. I always like to have something to read with me when I travel, especially a Bible. But so many Bibles are difficult to carry and need to be stored in a bag, etc. So I will definitely be using this as my go-to Bible (if I’m into the Gospels) when traveling.

Another major benefit is its readability. Manuscripts uses the New American Standard Bible version, which is considered one of the more faithful word-for-word translations. As you can see in the image below, they still have the chapter headings, but there are no verse numbers and all of Jesus’ words are in red and begin their own paragraph. This makes it easy to read the Gospels as one story of Jesus’ life and ministry, allowing it to read like other books.

In their own words, their “mission is to promote the reading of Scripture by publishing the Bible in approachable and easy-to-read volumes. We hope that Manuscripts helps you add Scripture to your daily life.” This is very much an approachable form and very easy-to-read, and its size and accessibility will make daily reading that much easier.

If you are looking for a new Reader’s Bible, I would strongly suggest checking out Manuscripts! They are in the process of designing more books of the Bible in this format, and I am very much looking forward to seeing God’s Word made more accessible in this way! Grab a copy today at ManuScripts Books!

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