Gospel Treason: Betraying the Gospel with Hidden Idols – Brad Bigney

“Idolatry is false worship, living on substitutes; it’s living your life with something other than God fueling your engine, and it doesn’t work very well.” (p. 43)

Have you ever wondered why you keep going back to the same ole sins over and over again, saying the same miserable things, thinking the same terrible thoughts and responding to your circumstances with the same awful attitude? Well, Bigney would say that this is because we have missed the real issue, and that is our hearts’ desire to create and nurture idols. Calvin’s famous quote rings throughout the book: “Man’s nature, so to speak, is a perpetual factory of idols.”

Bigney says, “We live day after day, oblivious to the idols that are running up and down the aisles of our hearts, darting in and out of the clothes racks of our thoughts like wild hooligan children running loose in Walmart while their mother shops.” (p. 61) If we are honest with ourselves, this is the predicament we are all in!

What I love most about this book is its simplicity. Bigney really hits home the key issue, which is the main problem behind our sin and our wrong thinking: our HEARTS! The fact that we have hidden idols in our heart that steer our lives for the worse is not an easy or comfortable truth, but one that becomes so obvious after reading this book that it is amazing we often miss it!

The book is split into two main parts. The first lays out the problem of our idols, their nature and how they can and do manifest themselves in our lives. The second part begins to look at the solution that God has put in place to expose our hidden idols and begin living in and by the grace of God. Bigney lays out Scripture after Scripture and also gives us real-life stories and examples that vividly describe the devastation, heartache, and havoc that idols wreak on our lives if we allow them to rule us.

This is an almost necessary book and topic for married or soon-to-be married couples. A lot of the references are to marriage relationships and how idols affect these relationships. Needless to say, everyone has and cherishes idols deep in their heart, many times without even knowing it. This book will expose this truth and set our hearts and minds back to Christ and His grace that frees us from our idols.

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